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Our attention to service, our friendliness, and our willingness to pay top dollar for your scrap has made us the industry leader in our area. Learn more about our company and our family on the following pages.


Our Services

Want to know more about the things we buy? Get detailed information here.    WE ARE NOW OFFERING GONDOLA TRAILERS FOR LARGE AMOUNT OF SCRAP AND PORTABLE CAR CRUSHING. 



M-F 8-12:00  12:30-4:30  SATURDAYS 8-12











About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family owned and operated business. Don has been in the junking business since he was an 8 year old collecting cans and selling them for cash. From then on, he has been hooked on junking and can't wait to teach his son, TJ, everything he has learned.


 Don's dream has always been to open his own junk/scrap yard, and as of January, 2012, his dream came true.


 Please come see us and collect all the cash you can for your junk and for your automotive cores. We look forward to serving you and making new friends.